Message From the PYPM Board of Advisors

Dear PYPM Youth

Effective November 3rd 2017, PYPM will be on programmatic hiatus until January 2018.  We will be restructuring the organization and going through programmatic renovations. Our intention is to transform the way we operate and serve the core of the PYPM mission.  Throughout the next couple months, we will need your support and will provide opportunities for your voice to inform our future.

Over the last twelve years, PYPM has established strong partnerships with great community programs. Until we relaunch January, we encourage you to visit the programming of Philadelphia Young Playwrights (Director of Education and Program Services Mindy A. Early, Artwell (Program Director Julia and The Village of Arts and Humanities (Youth Arts Program Manager, Mike O’Bryan to continue honing your creativity and voice.

We apologize for this delay in services and appreciate your patience as we cast a new vision for our future.


In Your Service,

PYPM Board of Advisors