A Personal Message from Founder Greg Corbin

Dear PYPM Community:

It is with a humbled spirit, I announce my departure as the Executive Director of Philly Youth Poetry Movement in order to pursue new ventures and expand my horizons.

In 2006, we created the Philly Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM) because of an obvious void. There are many issues in our communities, yet innumerable voices go unheard. With the support of God, I took the opportunity to carry forth a mission filled with life-changing purpose. PYPM was founded on courage, vulnerability, compassion, forgiveness and redemption, to support and free brave youth voices. Over the last 12 years, the PYPM movement has been dedicated not only to nurturing better poets, but fostering better human beings. It has been an honor and privilege to have been part of a solution that has benefited so many.

Philly Youth Poetry Movement is a solution that could not have spread without the help of others. I’m forever thankful for the contributions of Cait Kay, Kevana Nixon, Perry “Vision” Divirgilio, Matthew Kay, Kavindu Jointe, Corey McDonough, Denice Frohman, Victor Jackson, the PYPM Board, and so many others.  I am confident that the next era of leadership will carry a torch forward that frees more souls, opens more minds, and heals more hearts.

I am humbled to realize all the lives we have impacted and all the voices that have been uplifted through the work of the Philly Youth Poetry Movement. I am comforted by the dream that the Movement will continue to encourage youth to reimagine their world, to write life as they see it, and to share their stories as we watch and listen. The youth are the future and the future is now. Their strength, power, brilliance, and collective genius is what the world needs. It is my hope and prayer that we continue to build intergenerational bridges that lead towards a brighter future for us all. I am blessed to move forward with no regrets, just lessons that will inspire more transformative ideas and actions that will better the world we live in. There is more work to do and I am looking forward to it.


Greg Corbin