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Villas in South of France With Private Pool Near Beach

28th March 2016 Kase Miller 0

The region of Provence is the most preferred destinations for vacation rentals in France. In this area, you will find amazing mountain chateaus, beach villas, old-world traditional houses, and modern city apartments. Situated in southeastern France and bordered by Mediterranean Sea, the Provence spans from the Rhone River to Italian frontier on the East. This region is characterized by Mediterranean climate that has all-year round sunshine. The scenic countryside, amazing coastal towns a unique cultural identity makes Provence the once-in-a-lifetime vacation travel destination for families.

Vacation ideas and destinations

Provence, France has many regions each having beautiful vacation rentals of all sizes and shapes. If you are planning to travel to this region, here are places you should consider for affordable private villas;

French Riviera

This coastal region will offer you with hillside villas that overlook beaches providing amazing oceanic view in the horizon. Culture and artistry fill French Riviera. The place has been hosting Cannes Film Festival since 1930s. This is the most favorite spot for sun- lovers. The scents and flavors of local spices and homegrown olives fill the coastal Riviera villas. Surely, vacation rentals in this area will provide you with amazing lifetime experience.

District of Vaucluse

From Luberon to Avignon, the ancient historic and gorgeous landscape surrounds the private villas in Vaucluse. Get a chance to walk in the steps of Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes) – the biggest gothic palace in the world. “This place will provide you with numerous ancient attraction sites,” shared Amy from Only Provence. Also, valacluise is known as a one largest vegetables and fruit-producing regions in France. Therefore, the hotels in the area prepare some of the best cuisines to satisfy your appetite. There are numerous private vacation rental villas that you can occupy at affordable prices.

Var region

This region is known for the popular harbor of Toulon, which is the central port of the French Navy. The Var region, often known as scenic paradise, offer private beaches houses situated on the shores of Cavalaire-sur-Mer the longest sand beach on the French coast. Moreover, you will have a chance to backpack on the Massif de l’Esterel mountain range, which has striking red volcanic soil.

Bouches –du-Rhone

This is a place that has numerous vineyards and wine flows like water. In this place, you will many varieties of wine. Moreover, the region offers the most delicious food dishes. The private villas in the region are not only affordable but its proximity to zoos and amusement parks makes it an ideal vacation spot for the family.

Conclusively, the Provence region offers some of the most affordable private villas ideal for vacation spots. Hire a private villa in Provence, and you will get the most memorable lifetime experience.… Read the rest