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How to Find the Right Personalized Irish Ring for You

10th August 2020 Kase Miller 0

When it comes to personalized jewelry, few cultures have a history as rich and diverse as the Irish. This is especially true of Celtic rings, which are also often referred to as Claddagh rings or Celtic wedding rings.

That rich tradition is why you should consider them. When you get a Celtic ring, you’re not just getting a piece of jewelry. You’re getting a piece of the history and tradition that goes with the Celtic ring, so its helpful to know about about both of those.

Start with the Claddagh ring. They originated over three centuries ago in Claddagh, which was an Irish fishing village. The term means “flat stop shore,” and these rings are noteworthy for the symbol of love they contain, which consists of a heard placed between two hands. The earliest Claddagh rings were made of gold, but some of their modern counterparts are made of silver, platinum and pewter.

The origins of Celtic jewelry in general dates back much further. Celtic craftsman are believed to have started making this kind of jewelry thousands of years ago, some time between 2000 BC and 550 Ad by most accounts, and over the centuries their status continued to grow.

Part of this growth was fueled by royalty. Nobles from other countries started wearing Celtic rings, and that part of the tradition is believed to date back to Queen Victoria.

In addition, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace and Monaco were given Claddagh rings, and many believe that how they are worn, with the heart facing the wearer or facing outward, carries a deep message to any potential suitors about whether the wearer is romantically available.

There are many other stories about these rings. One of the most popular is about Margaret Joyce, a young widow who inherited a great deal of wealth from her husband, a Spanish merchant, when he died. She later remarried, and legend has it that the first Celtic ring was actually dropped in her lap by an eagle flying over head as a reward for her generous acts when she began using his wealth to construct many bridges after she wed the mayor of Galway.

In Ireland, these rings are considered precious heirlooms, and they’re often passed down from generation to generation. They’ve become more popular outside of Ireland as well, which is understandable given the level of craftsmanship and their timeless appeal.

All of this makes Celtic rings a marvelous choice as gifts and keepsakes, so it’s well worth to learn as much about their tradition and history as you can.

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