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How Cremation Service Works

5th December 2019 Kase Miller 0

When preparing to send-off your loved one, you have two options to either bury the body or cremate it. This can be overwhelming especially if you have no idea about the cremation process. People choose cremation due to several reasons such as spiritual or religious beliefs, finances among other reasons known to them. Before you opt for a cremation you need to first understand what it entails.

The cremation process is very strict since the body to be cremated has to be first identified correctly. The funeral director is required to complete a document authorizing for the cremation of the body and it must be signed by a family member with legal authorization. The family of the deceased must also provide additional information on how the remains of cremation will be handled.

People have different perceptions concerning the working of cremation. Most people think that cremation is just the burning of the dead body. This is not the case as it is done with more care and is practical in nature.

How Cremation Service Works

Cremation is defined as an act of reducing the deceased body to ashes by subjecting it to extreme temperatures which range from (1400-1800 degrees Celsius). Nowadays, cremation has adopted the use of specialized equipment known as retort which is essentially a furnace powered by natural gas or even propane.

Once all the written documents have been finalized authorizing the body to be cremated our crematorium staff at gets the body ready and gets rid of items such as jewelry, implants, and medical tools. The body is put in a container composed of hefty cardboard or wood. It is then placed on the crematory chamber which is basically an enormous furnace. The container is subjected to heat. The temperatures in the chamber keep on rising to about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Cremation of the body takes two to three hours. Normally, the quantity of ash produced is between 3-9 pounds.

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