What Makeup Companies Do Not Test on Animals

A few decades ago, most people never really paid attention to how their makeup products were made. They would just make their purchases and go about their day. But with the emergence of PETA, consumers are paying more attention to what they are buying and how it was made.

Cosmetic companies are taking notice as well because more are moving in a cruelty-free direction. When a company has a product that is cruelty-free, they are saying to everyone that this product was not tested on animals. There are entire companies that are making this claim and there are companies that have specific products in their cosmetic line that are cruelty free. Any product that is cruelty-free will have it listed somewhere on the packaging.

When a company does not test their makeup products on animals, they do have to find different ways to make sure that these products are safe for the general population. When animals are not an option to be used, people are used. Volunteers are asked for and anyone who steps up to help is compensated for their time. This is actually a preferred testing method. Since humans will be using these makeup products, the results of the testing will be truer than the results found from animals.

Companies tend to use animals for testing since it is a cheaper route to go. Also, animals are not likely to sue if something goes wrong. A human test subject can and very likely will. While not everyone would volunteer to be a test subject, the ones that do are much appreciated. It is a good feeling knowing a product you are using, especially on your skin and face, has been tested for safety.

There are no federal guidelines for who can and cannot say they are cruelty free. Leaping Bunny is an organization that is setting the standard for what is to be considered cruelty-free. Companies can apply for the Leaping Bunny seal of approval. Anyone who sees this seal on their makeup can rest assured that their product is for sure cruelty-free.

Our society is always evolving and the same goes for the cosmetic industry. They are slowly making a change with more companies opting for cruelty free makeup products. There will never be a time where all products are cruelty free since money rules the world, but we are moving in a positive direction.

When it comes to cruelty free makeup, there are plenty of options. You may have to look harder depending on which store you shop at, but they are there. Look for the cruelty-free label to be sure that no animals were used in the making of that makeup product.